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Towards the Development of a Comprehensive Digital Twin of an Exascale Supercomputer

Over the past year, we have embarked upon an ambitious initiative to develop a comprehensive digital twin of the Frontier supercomputer. This twin includes: 3D asset modeling with virtual and augmented reality capabilities, telemetry data assimilation, AI/ML integration, simulations, and reinforcement learning for optimization. Key simulations under development include: (1) a transient simulation of the thermo-fluid cooling system from cooling tower to cold plate, (2) a rectifier loss model predicting heat generation and rectification losses, (3) a job scheduling simulator, and (4) a parallel discrete-event simulator to study network congestion. This digital twin offers insights into operational strategies, “what-if” scenarios, as well as elucidates complex, cross-disciplinary transient behaviors; it also serves as a design tool for future system prototyping. Built on an open software stack (Modelica, SST Macro, Unreal Engine) with an aim to foster community-driven development, we have formed a partnership with CSC Finland to study application fingerprinting on LUMI and are in active discussions with a number of other supercomputer centers who have expressed interest in collaborating for future development.


Wes Brewer

Wes Brewer